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Features, Office " 2.1 is recommend for all users, as it represents a significant improvement over all previous versions. Among other things: multiple monitor support for Impress; improved Calc HTML export; enhanced Access support for Base; even more languages; automatic notification of updates."
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"Is this some kind of windows problem? Inserting charts in a new sheet works both in 2.1 and in previous versions. At first I was thinking the grand parent was just trolling (No, it wasn't me that modded him down)"

What the original person meant, although its not clear, is that you cannot insert a chart *as* a sheet, only on one.

This is not a showstopper for OpenOffice but a niggle, and does not affect functionality at all. Its a sign of OpenOffices success that the differences are so minimal. As each version progresses these niggles will become more obscure.

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