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Features, Office " 2.1 is recommend for all users, as it represents a significant improvement over all previous versions. Among other things: multiple monitor support for Impress; improved Calc HTML export; enhanced Access support for Base; even more languages; automatic notification of updates."
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RE[10]: Impress AV support
by cyclops on Wed 13th Dec 2006 15:48 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Impress AV support"
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"Um, ok. You mean you modded down another post of mine, since you can't vote a post down twice.

And for the record, I was talking about my personality, not yours. How you can find that offensive is beyond me. But thanks for proving my point: you're abusing the voting system."

My wording is 100% accurate, check it. Now we are both so far of topic. I don't even care. I have never abused the voting system. I am happy for you to complain and have my points checked. The reality is apart from where I have stated you haven't a clue how I voted. Can you see how I may find that offensive that you accuse me.

I've had a cup of tea, and a think. I am starting to think you are missing some nuances of the English language. If you respond to a comment with an *I do this* your saying *you don't* otherwise your not really making a point. You need to look at the posts again and try to understand the English. I think your perhaps confused and not meaning to be offensive.

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