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RISC OS "Gosh! I didn't realize how much discussion my original article would create. A lot of people seemed to accuse me of living in cloud cuckoo land, whereas a lot more agreed with me. I think those who disagreed have either never used RISC OS or just liked a good rant! In either case, I feel compelled to write a short follow up article clarifying some of the points I made in the original article - all of which were perfectly valid." Read the follow up article.
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RE[3]: OS != apps
by arielb on Thu 14th Dec 2006 19:09 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: OS != apps"
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3000 people is 3 times more than SkyOS or several of the other OS's we talk about.

I see the changes in the PDA world. I know I will use my sony clie tg 50 for a long time. it has a built in keyboard...I won't buy a pda without a keyboard and i don't want a phone.

I won't need to run photoshop or MS Office or even firefox on it. it does the job I need which is keep track of simple stuff, let me take notes, record and play sound.
Like riscos, the clie is also an ARM cpu and palmos doesn't have the modern OS features. so I do tend to sympathize...

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