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Google Google has added another piece of search software to its arsenal, with the launch of Google Patent Search. The patent search site, launched as a beta on Wednesday night, is designed to sift through the approximately 7 million U.S. patents by a variety of parameters including filing date, issue date, patent number and inventor.
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Here's the problem: under US patent law, you are liable for triple damages for knowingly infringing a patent (assuming that the patent stands up in court and you're found to be infringing). You are better off, if you do software development, never to search for patents.

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The ironic thing about your post will be that now they will say there is no excuse for violating a patent, being that now all it requires is a simple google search; ESPECIALLY for software developers. I mean we are tech savvy and all ;)

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How can a software developer prove in court he never looked at the patent being infriged at Google patent search, or the USPTO site for that matter?

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