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Windows The internet is full of hosts running unpatched versions of Windows. Should Microsoft release patching worms to fix every vulnerable system on the Internet in a matter of minutes? That's one of the hot questions that security researcher Jose Nazario, famous for his WormBlog, answered in this interview on SecurityFocus. It's a nice read, especially when they start comparing computer worms to nature phenomena.
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by raver31 on Wed 17th Aug 2005 20:45 UTC
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what I cannot understand is this....

why do journalists come up with stupid ideas like this and expect everyone to say "yes please!"

do they think all Windows users are that stupid they do not know the importance of updating their own machines ?

do they not trust the Windows users to try at least to keep their own PCs secure ?

do they think all Windows users are so dumb that they have to have everything done for them automatically ?

Personally, I do not use Windows, but if I did, I would have felt insulted by the retard who thought of this.

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RE: hmmmmmm
by on Thu 18th Aug 2005 04:20 in reply to "hmmmmmm"
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It's a reality that a lot of hosts on the internet that run MS Windows aren't patched. We are talking about 30% or more. And since Windoh has a great market share, we are talking of millions vulnerable systems...

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