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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The FSF today launched a campaign with a twofold mission of exposing the harms inflicted on computer users by the new Microsoft Windows Vista and promoting free software alternatives that respect users' security and privacy rights. "Vista is an upsell masquerading as an upgrade. It is an overall regression when you look at the most important aspect of owning and using a computer: your control over what it does. Obviously MS Windows is already proprietary and very restrictive, and well worth rejecting. But the new 'features' in Vista are a Trojan Horse to smuggle in even more restrictions. We'll be focusing attention on detailing how they work, how to resist them, and why people should care", said FSF program administrator John Sullivan."
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by andrewg on Fri 15th Dec 2006 23:01 UTC in reply to "..."
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I think from the FS point of view its more like MS is selling you coffee which smells delicious and fresh but is has some poison in it you don't know about. It makes more sense to tell you there is poison in the MS coffee than to try and get you to drink FSF coffee.

Also I don't think the Free Software Foundation is trying to sell anything or get you to use anything in particular they just want to promote free - according to their definition - software.

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by Hiev on Fri 15th Dec 2006 23:05 in reply to "RE: ..."
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Promoting product A saying product B sucks is not a good Idea, is better to say product A is better than product B, the way FSF is promoting it self in my opinion is not the right one.

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