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Privacy, Security, Encryption "All too often people talk about the disadvantages of the Windows operating system: it has too many security flaws, it is not properly patched, it is not security orientedů Until the much talked about Vista system finally reaches our computers, there will still be plenty of time to protest. However, with the new malware dynamic, the idea that malware is restricted to specific operating systems is becoming anachronistic. It no longer matters whether the victim is a home-user or a company employee. It is now irrelevant whether the system administrator is just someone who lives round the corner or a highly qualified IT manager."
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RE[2]: Panda Software.
by stestagg on Sat 16th Dec 2006 11:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Panda Software."
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There is a market, it may be small but:

Snort, IPTables, Sophos AV, ClamAV, Panda GateDefender etc...

Of course spreading FUD and Doomsday stories is a well known technique for increasing security markets.

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