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OS/2 and eComStation eComStation 2.0 beta 3, the new evolution of OS/2, is available to download for registered users. The new features of this beta version are available on the online readme file. Among other things, this new release includes better support for wireless chipsets and advanced power management features.
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RE: What for ?
by Sparrowhawk on Sun 17th Dec 2006 12:10 UTC in reply to "What for ?"
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Surely you don't believe that noone should develop for BeOS/Haiku, AmigaOS, FreeDOS, RISC OS, ReactOS, Menuet, Plan9, SkyOS, etc, etc? All of these, like eCS, have very small user-bases relative to the behemoths that are Win/Mac/Linux and BSD.

People use eCS because they enjoy the experience, are free from viruses and malware, have sufficient up-to-date software to perform most tasks, and principally because OS/2 was integral to so many business processes that it is simply not economic to remove an OS/2 element to replace it with WIndows/whatever.

Serenity Systems is a commercial vendor. It makes good money out of the eCS business. How is this a dead OS? eCS and OS/2 users get a desktop OS that is constantly evolving.

For the record, eCS is my third most used OS, after OSX and WinXP.

I would hate to see an OS landscape devoid of the variety of minority OS's.

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