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Debian and its clones Debian GNU/Linux 4.0, codenamed Etch, had been due to arrive by December 4, 2006, but it's been delayed because some developers have 'deliberately' slowed down their work. According to a blog note by Andreas Barth, Debian developer & release manager, the delay has resulted because "Some people who used to do good work reduced their involvement drastically. There was nothing I could do about, and that happened way before I started full-time on release, but on the global picture that still counts."
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Irrelevance of Debian
by kev009 on Mon 18th Dec 2006 22:39 UTC
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@porcel - This argument makes the assumption the upstream packagers do no testing on their own. Yes there are integration issues but Debian is on the extreme end when it comes to release policy. This is to the point where it is outright silly, and insignificant bugs hold up much needed upgrades (which themselves fix bugs, security, performance).


Ubuntu has managed to find a perfect balance of testing, currency, and release timing. Not to mention bickering of paying leaders to expedite development is nonexistent. Its not about their work being more important and its not like they are profiting. It is about them taking time out of their lives (which requires subsistence) to focus on an objective that requires the work of a full timer, and the simple lack of funds that more people cannot subside off of FREE software.

For childlike politics like these, Debian has become largely irrelevant and given rise to the successful Ubuntu project, which focuses on delivering technology, not politics.

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RE: Irrelevance of Debian
by spikeb on Tue 19th Dec 2006 07:31 in reply to "Irrelevance of Debian"
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ubuntu builds off debian's unstable branch. debian is hardly irrelevent

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RE: Irrelevance of Debian
by korpenkraxar on Tue 19th Dec 2006 10:09 in reply to "Irrelevance of Debian"
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Please, let's not turn this into another Ubuntu vs. Debian thread. We've had plenty of these here at OSNews already during this year. These two projects are highly different with different goals, and the way they are intertwined grants recognition to both of them. If you can not see that you need to read up a lot on these projects, and perhaps most so on the history and accomplishments of Debian. The strictness of Debian has helped the FOSS community in many ways, for instance bringing about the Qt GPL licence if I am not mistaken.

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