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OS/2 and eComStation eComStation 2.0 beta 3, the new evolution of OS/2, is available to download for registered users. The new features of this beta version are available on the online readme file. Among other things, this new release includes better support for wireless chipsets and advanced power management features.
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Tim Holwerdi
by Tim Holwerdi on Tue 19th Dec 2006 11:52 UTC
Tim Holwerdi
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Tim Holwerdi

Hi, My name is Tim Holwerdi.

I am gonna tell you my last dream...

I am an Aszzhole in search of Notoriety...

I work in a Website that offers news of IT and Open Source.

I pretend that I do it for the sake of love for IT, but the fact is that, I am expecting good revenues for the


If not, why should I loose my time looking for IT news in other IT Web Sites that offer what I am not able to

offer... for the sake of these IT weirdos geeks and Open source-free computing fanboys...? c'mon...

I think I know more than the rest, of course... and I am always right!

Yes, I know more than anyone of you about Computers, and about anything else you can imagine! even If many people

prove me the contrary, I am still right...

Me and my Mac go together everywhere, I even sleep with it, which is somehow problematic, cause as you can imagine,

is not easy to have sexual relations tru an USB port, or a FireWire one... but I am in love anyway!...

Anything that is not Mac or commercial, is just wacko rubbish!
And, of course, is not going to offer me anything, because all these Open Source weirdos have no future, and are

not gonna advertise in my site, or pay me money... I dont even talk about the FSF retarded hippies!

At best the big companies that now move to Linux, and pretend to be Open Source, worth a little bit, and may be a

source of revenues in the future if the have some sucess...


P.S. Apple Rocks... Linux sucks... (MS is very good also, cause they have plenty of money, and are the pattern

of our great western Businnes Economic and social system...)

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