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Editorial Web 2.0 throws a lot of buzzwords at us. New technology has given us new terms to describe a particular design process. One of these is "user-centric" design. An example of a website that isn't user-centric would be A static site where the users have no control over the content of the site, nor any choice in what they see. The company displays the information they deem important. This is considered web 1.0. (Note by AS: a new site has gone live since this submission). YouTube and Digg are examples of Web 2.0, user-centric sites whereby the users of the site contribute not only the content that the other users consume, but each user helps decide what content is promoted. Today, I'm going to coin a new term: self-centric design. To define this new term, I will compare OSNews to one of the leading web 2.0 sites: Digg.
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RE[7]: The problem seems
by sbergman27 on Tue 19th Dec 2006 18:29 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: The problem seems"
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I have not problems with twenex being a troll, I have problems with twenex calling people stupid and get modded up for it.

I'm not familiar with the post or posts you are referring to.

But what you say strikes a chord.

On a forum such as this, what you say matters less than the way you say it.

Presentation is very important.

"Hey, you're just stupid!!!" is going to be modded down regardless of what comes after.

A post implying that one is stupid is a different matter, altogether.

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RE[8]: The problem seems
by Hiev on Tue 19th Dec 2006 18:31 in reply to "RE[7]: The problem seems"
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I woldn't be complaining if he used the word for a reason but I complaine because he is using it againts people with a different opinion than his.

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