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Linux "I've been saying for years that Linux was well along on its way from being the tech fanboy operating system of choice, to becoming one of big business' favorite operating systems. Well, I was right all along, but in 2006, that progress smacked many Linux fans in the face. This is my list of the five most significant changes in Linux this year. They are not changes, however, that many who have embraced Linux in the past will appreciate. Like it or lump it, these are the changes that I also think clearly predict Linux's future in the mainstream."
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RE[2]: uh
by slight on Tue 19th Dec 2006 20:20 UTC in reply to "RE: uh"
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Congratulations on completely missing the point!

The OP was referring to free as in freedom.

Personally I'm for including nVidia drivers with Ubuntu for example, but I completely understand the argument that accepting binary-only code into distributions reduces pressure on vendors to release open source code (which more and more are starting to do).

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