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Fedora Core When a group of Red Hat Fedora developers, engineers, and mangers got together last month for a three-day summit in Westford, Mass., the goal was to establish short- and long-term plans for future Fedora projects. The brainstorming session resulted in a road map that will lead to changes for the Fedora community as a whole.
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R.I.P. Fedora Legacy
by robgarth on Wed 20th Dec 2006 05:20 UTC
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I understand the fedora project will have some sort of support for older distributions. But I have multiple Core 3 and 4 systems. The announcement gives me no support or patches for those systems, this is unacceptable in a corperate environment. I have been a fedora advocate for over 2 years, but with no firm assurance of support for anything over 1 year old I cannot trust my infrastructure to Fedora.

I refuse to move to SUSE afer the Novell-Microsoft agreement, so over the next month or 2 I will be evaluating Ubuntu for my systems. I like the freedom and philosophy of Fedora, but this is making it unworkable.

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RE: R.I.P. Fedora Legacy
by kev009 on Wed 20th Dec 2006 06:01 in reply to "R.I.P. Fedora Legacy"
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This is your fault for ignoring the release support plan and purpose of Fedora. Redhat makes no money off Fedora, and cannot reasonably support it indefinitely. Fedora Legacy is a volunteer project, and perhaps if it is that critical to your corporate environment you could make a contribution of developers or money. Sorry, but nothing makes me more angry than corporate customers getting mad at FREE open source projects (when they do not contribute themselves).

That said, if you want enterprise class support, look into Redhat Enterprise Linux, SuSe Linux Enterprise, Oracle Unbreakable or CentOS.

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RE[2]: R.I.P. Fedora Legacy
by robgarth on Wed 20th Dec 2006 06:25 in reply to "RE: R.I.P. Fedora Legacy"
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Feel free to rant, but you do not no my circumstances. I am not an enterprise customer. I do not expect enterprise support. I do not need enterprise support.

I am in the education sector, I like Fedora, I participate in the mailing lists and bugzilla. I know what Fedora stands for, and I support it. My main motivation for using Fedora is it's philosphy of free software. I do run CentOS where appropriate for Oracle and the like.

But in any type of production environment having patches stop for your infrastrcuture without any notice is enough to get me mad, and make me consider moving.

Ranting does not help anyone, and I hope I wan't ranting.

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RE: R.I.P. Fedora Legacy
by Finalzone on Wed 20th Dec 2006 10:10 in reply to "R.I.P. Fedora Legacy"
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Fedora Legacy current model is dead. Another will emerge as discussed on

Edited 2006-12-20 10:15

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RE: R.I.P. Fedora Legacy
by leon on Thu 21st Dec 2006 15:20 in reply to "R.I.P. Fedora Legacy"
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Ubuntu contains binary and non-free software. Should be discouraged. It is hurting the free software community.

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