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Fedora Core When a group of Red Hat Fedora developers, engineers, and mangers got together last month for a three-day summit in Westford, Mass., the goal was to establish short- and long-term plans for future Fedora projects. The brainstorming session resulted in a road map that will lead to changes for the Fedora community as a whole.
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Fedora is not Redhat
by robgarth on Thu 21st Dec 2006 01:00 UTC
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People keep saying use RHEL instead of Fedora. Fedora may be the upstream of redhat, but although fedora is sponsored by redhat, fedora is not redhat and is a completely seperate project/product from RHEL. I may be using the wrong distribution for my needs, point taken. But CentOS is not ncessarily the solution.

Fedora is the only distribution which is completely free, see their FAQ if you disagree. Fedora is robust and solid. My only struggle is with there lifespan. There was no notice for the patches stopping, simply an announcement, and with no warning I now have several servers which will nolonger receive security updates until I upgrade or migrate.

Technically Fedora is brilliant, but to have this type of announcement thrown at me without warning is not. I would have no complaints if there had been a phase out. But now I must re-schedule everything I do to make sure these boxes are upgraded. My complaint is with the way they have managed this.

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RE: Fedora is not Redhat
by sbergman27 on Thu 21st Dec 2006 05:38 in reply to "Fedora is not Redhat"
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Fedora's strategy is simple. Claim, unofficially, to be production quality when it is convenient. When called upon to actually act like maintainers of a production quality OS, site the fact that you have never officially claimed to be production quality.

I fell for that strategy years ago. Now I'm happy with CentOS.

As to Fedora being the "Most Free" distro... that and a quarter'll getcha a cup of coffee. I've little patience left for holier than thou games.

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