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General Development Todd Blanchard has just released ObjectiveCLIPS (), a new open source project for Cocoa development on Mac OS X. ObjectiveCLIPS combine Cocoa and Core Data together with CLIPS (the original NASA's artificial intelligence engine) and F-Script, a high-level scripting language for Cocoa. Now, Cocoa developers can design rule-based applications around their Core Data object models. The inference engine can reason about rules and apply them when needed. ObjectiveCLIPS is easily embeddable in applications.
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RE[4]: That's so cool
by on Thu 18th Aug 2005 15:53 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: That's so cool"

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"Prolog isn't realy all that usefull for real world programming"

You really need to get out more often!

I work at a major airline reservation system, we use prolog build and search for flight availability and pricing thousands of times a second though a database consisting of millions of flights.

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