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AMD "In a series of announcements and conference calls, culminating in a recent analyst meeting, AMD has been slowly revealing pieces of the big picture regarding where they plan to take their platforms in the coming years. I've been following the coverage, and I've put together a synthesis of it below."
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RE: Whats New? LOTS!
by amdinvestor on Fri 22nd Dec 2006 21:42 UTC in reply to "Whats New? LOTS!"
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You forget:
0) AMD K8L is still vapourware (AMD maybe late on this one)
1) AMD 4x4 was a dud-generate too much heat with little performance to show.
2) See 0) and people really don't care if how quad core is implemented- it just has to perform as promised!
3) AMD/ATI integration or so called Fusion chip is a long way off. Don't expect to see anything until late 2008 0r early 2009. Alot could happen in two or three years.
4) AMD 690 chipset is delayed again.
5) ATI has a poor history of execution like AMD.

AMD promised alot maybe too much-alot not enough-promise to keep.

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