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KDE This is a response to the article yesterday on the progress of GNOME and KDE. Aaron Seigo, a lead KDE developer, sets out the current state of progress with KDE 4, pointing out that KDE 4 is on track for a release in mid 2007. "Thom points to a quote from me that our goal is to have a 4.0 ready sometime in the first half of next year. That gives us until sometime in June and I'm still thinking we can make it."
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KDE is nice
by modmans2ndcoming on Sat 23rd Dec 2006 03:11 UTC
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but their Menus are AWFUL... I keep going back to see how they are doing and I can not get around the menus.

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RE: KDE is nice
by Terracotta on Sat 23rd Dec 2006 09:48 in reply to "KDE is nice"
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Try Kubuntu, they uncluttered the menu's a lot, just to show it just depends on your taste and if you don't like it you can change it.

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RE[2]: KDE is nice
by leech on Sat 23rd Dec 2006 11:30 in reply to "RE: KDE is nice"
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I think the problem here is not KDE or Gnome, but the distributions who set them up. Ubuntu and Fedora Core do it properly (for example, in Gnome you click on Applications -> Internet -> Firefox, for KDE you click the K -> Internet -> Firefox) but in distributions like Mandriva, you have K -> Internet -> Web Browsers -> Firefox, or in Gnome, Applications -> Internet -> Web Browsers -> Firefox. There is an extra level, and sometimes two for applications. There is no need for this unless of course the distribution packs 5 different kinds of each application. There is a word for this... starts with a b, ends with an t and sounds like 'boat'.


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RE[2]: KDE is nice
by superstoned on Sat 23rd Dec 2006 11:41 in reply to "RE: KDE is nice"
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or try Suse 10.2, with a totally new menu. has gone through extensive usability testing, and was found to be more efficient than Vista's, apple's, gnome's and KDE's current menu's.

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RE[2]: KDE is nice
by modmans2ndcoming on Sun 24th Dec 2006 17:52 in reply to "RE: KDE is nice"
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Menus... you know... file, edit, etc... the kicker is not the problem... the problem is the menu organization in the apps themselves.

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