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KDE This is a response to the article yesterday on the progress of GNOME and KDE. Aaron Seigo, a lead KDE developer, sets out the current state of progress with KDE 4, pointing out that KDE 4 is on track for a release in mid 2007. "Thom points to a quote from me that our goal is to have a 4.0 ready sometime in the first half of next year. That gives us until sometime in June and I'm still thinking we can make it."
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RE: Right question, wrong answers
by smitty on Sat 23rd Dec 2006 10:12 UTC in reply to "Right question, wrong answers"
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I think Aaron Seigo's reply was quite clear - people involved in KDE feel great about where they are right now. I've seen several other blogs and they all seem very upbeat - I haven't seen any complaining about slow progress or other problems. OTOH, if you mean end users then I think there is a bit of worry.

The thing that really got me about Thom's piece was his assertion that each OSX point release was major but each KDE/GNOME point release was minor. There are supposedly some revolutionary new features in 10.5 that we haven't heard of and he simply takes them at their word, while KDE4 features have been discussed fully and many are already available through SVN if you want to get into it, and apparently they are only vision and no substance according to Thom. What? I don't think Thom was purposely trying to write flamebait or anything, but that just really shouted out to me that he is biased in this area.

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