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KDE This is a response to the article yesterday on the progress of GNOME and KDE. Aaron Seigo, a lead KDE developer, sets out the current state of progress with KDE 4, pointing out that KDE 4 is on track for a release in mid 2007. "Thom points to a quote from me that our goal is to have a 4.0 ready sometime in the first half of next year. That gives us until sometime in June and I'm still thinking we can make it."
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"They should both be more towards a happy medium between the two."

I'd much rather see them being different than melding into some bland, smallest-common-denominator borefest.

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That's not what I meant in the slightest. What I meant was that Gnome should have more visible configuration options and that KDE should have less. This does not mean in the slightest that they should become alike. The only thing that I think they should become alike in is things like theme support, menu support (not neccesarily layout, but at least to the point where if you install a program in the package manager, that a menu entry appears in both desktop environments. For the most part this is working now anyhow, but this is just a small example. In essence I'm saying they should work together rather than trying to just do the opposite of what the other is doing just for sake of competition.)

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