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X11, Window Managers Apparently, my article a few days ago caused a bigger stir than I had anticipated, not at all unrelated to the fact that my wordings may not have been optimal. So, let me clarify things a bit.
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by moleskine on Sat 23rd Dec 2006 22:29 UTC
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Hey, someone writes a short, very short opinion piece here and suddenly they're all piling in, including and KDE. Reactions seem, erm, just a little overblown to me. I mean, this is 2006 and we don't have to carry on like Victorians roaring "scandalous!" when shown an uncovered piano leg. They are many perfectly legitimate questions to ask about the future of the Linux desktop whatever side you're on. Trying to shout down the other lot ain't helpful though at least no one has stooped so low as to say that Thom has "pulled the cat out of the bag and put it among the pigeons", one of the really dire stand-bys on these occasions.

Me, I'm waiting looking forward to a Merry Christmas. Absolutely no computers at all. Just family. Wishing the same to everyone else.

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