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KDE This is a response to the article yesterday on the progress of GNOME and KDE. Aaron Seigo, a lead KDE developer, sets out the current state of progress with KDE 4, pointing out that KDE 4 is on track for a release in mid 2007. "Thom points to a quote from me that our goal is to have a 4.0 ready sometime in the first half of next year. That gives us until sometime in June and I'm still thinking we can make it."
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RE[4]: A lot of crap on that blog
by rayiner on Sun 24th Dec 2006 02:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: A lot of crap on that blog"
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I think hardware-accelerated compositing technology is going to be one of the biggest steps forward in user interfaces in the last decade. Apple is just scratching the surface of what's possible with the technology. The benefits range from the aesthetics to efficiency. First of all, not-ugly is generally better than ugly, all else being equal.

Second, things like animation can allow for subtle cues that reduce the cognitive load on the user. For example, many people find multiple desktops in Virtue Desktops to be useful in a way they never found multiple desktops on other systems to be. That's because the animated transitions help them keep track of the spatial orientation of the various desktops.

Third, scalable graphics offer substantial potential for compressing large amounts of information things like Expose are just the start. Imagine an IDE that used Expose-like techniques for browsing source records, used vector graphics to display complex class and call-graph hierarchies, automatically scaling the most relevant data up to be readable and scaling less relevant data down to fit more information on the screen.

Fourth, even if you don't consider these things to be useful, you can't argue that the lower-tech approach is comparable to Vista. It might be inferior along dimensions that aren't important, but objectively it is still inferior in those dimensions.

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