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Linux "I recently read a story that asked, 'Has the Desktop Linux Bubble Burst?' Burst!? No, I don't think so. Actually, it still isn't even half as big as it will be when it's full. The author goes on to explain that he feels this way because GNOME 'lacks any form of a vision', while KDE4 is full of wonderful ideas, but not enough money and effort behind turning concepts into code. I don't see that at all. I think both popular Linux desktop environments are making good progress."
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If I have to boot Windows
by dindin on Sun 24th Dec 2006 13:34 UTC
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I define "being ready for Desktop" as not requireing me to boot into windows or have a copy of windows on another system. So long as I have to use Windows to run apps not available on Linux, it will not be ready for "my Desktop".

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RE: If I have to boot Windows
by gilboa on Sun 24th Dec 2006 18:17 in reply to "If I have to boot Windows"
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... I can reverse that saying, you know.

As long as I cannot run <insert OSS application name here *> on my Windows desktop, Windows isn't ready for the desktop.
I'm not saying that you're wrong - I am saying this if lack of certain application makes an OS not ready for "the desktop" (what-ever that mean), Windows is not ready for the desktop either.

- Gilboa

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