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KDE This is a response to the article yesterday on the progress of GNOME and KDE. Aaron Seigo, a lead KDE developer, sets out the current state of progress with KDE 4, pointing out that KDE 4 is on track for a release in mid 2007. "Thom points to a quote from me that our goal is to have a 4.0 ready sometime in the first half of next year. That gives us until sometime in June and I'm still thinking we can make it."
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RE[8]: A lot of crap on that blog
by rayiner on Tue 26th Dec 2006 01:52 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: A lot of crap on that blog"
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Sending a scene description to the server would solve the problem I'm talking about, but such a retained-mode design completely goes against the X architecture. The way to achieve resolution-independence within the existing X architecture is to retain the immediate-mode semantics, and do scaling with minimal cooperation from the toolkit. See XEvIE for the general model of how this would be done.

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