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Windows Microsoft's Nick White blogs about the system requirements for Windows Vista. "We've officially released more detail on the system requirements for Windows Vista. These requirements outline what determines whether a PC is categorized as Windows Vista Capable or Windows Vista Premium Ready." Out of experience I can say these requirements are fairly realistic; the only thing I do not advise is the 512MB for Vista Capable; I'd suggest to up to 1GB no matter what.
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RE[2]: Linux? No thank you!
by proftv on Tue 26th Dec 2006 22:45 UTC in reply to "RE: Linux? No thank you!"
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I agree with what you are saying. I don't expect newer versions of Windows to run well on 'run of the mill' computers. I think you may have missed my point though. First of all I wasn't complaining about anything, I was just letting people know that I plan not to use Vista until XP has truly outlived it's usefullness and I am recommending that everyone do the same. I just don't see the point of normal people upgrading their computers or buying a new ones just so they can run Vista when XP still works just fine with the computer they already have. Before XP people continued to upgrade to newer versions of Windows mainly for the marginal improvements in stability, but now that we have Windows XP, that's very stable and works relatively well, why fix something that isn't broken? I say save your money and stick with XP for as long as it still works for what you use your computer for, or better yet, upgrade to a Linux OS (I recommend Linux Mint).

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RE[3]: Linux? No thank you!
by tomcat on Wed 27th Dec 2006 03:53 in reply to "RE[2]: Linux? No thank you!"
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Thanks for the clarification. That's a good strategy. It also has the added benefit of allowing you to evaluate Linux down the road to see whether it's a better choice on new hardware.

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