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General Development Examine key parts of the Z shell (zsh) and how to use its features to ease your UNIX system administration tasks. Z shell is a popular alternative to the original Bourne and Korn shells. It provides an impressive range of additional functionality, including improvements for completing different commands, files, and paths automatically, and for binding keys to functions and operations.
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RE: Bash - almost like ZSH
by sukru on Wed 27th Dec 2006 03:55 UTC in reply to "Bash - almost like ZSH"
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The same works for bash shell too. It has a configurable completion support and if you install a package like bash-completion you'll have options for many programs ready.


# scp -[TAB]
# scp -r se[TAB]
# scp -r server:/e[TAB]
# scp -r server:/etc/hos[TAB]
# scp -r server:/etc/hosts /etc

And some other features (like process substitution, and few of the filename matching rules) are also available.

I guess they're probably comparing zsh to original bsh, not currently available bash. (Yet it does not make zsh less interesting, probably bash has inspired those feature looking at zsh).

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RE[2]: Bash - almost like ZSH
by vermaden on Wed 27th Dec 2006 15:53 in reply to "RE: Bash - almost like ZSH"
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does BASH also can TAB complete inside names like that:

% ls
misc/ resolution scripts/ tmp/
% vi sol[TAB]

Completes to:
% vi resolution

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RE[3]: Bash - almost like ZSH
by libray on Wed 27th Dec 2006 19:05 in reply to "RE[2]: Bash - almost like ZSH"
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Not only do I have zsh completing within names, it also corrects capitalization

% ls -1 *[Dd]ev*
Edge Device Summary.xls

% soffice devi[TAB]

Competes to the file I want:
"Edge Device Summary.xls"

If I had left it at "dev[TAB]" devcom would have been chosen since it actually matches my case

Another thing I find helpful in interactive use is the use of ellipses:
for i in {1..100000}; do rm file${i}; done

padding: files rigidly named file###
for i in {001..300}; do rm file${i}; done

Want to repeat a process many times?
repeat 1000 echo hello

tab complete ssh
add the following to your zshrc, and you can tab complete the hosts found in ssh's known_hosts. If you have not done so already, you may have to run compinstall

hosts=(${${${${(f)"$(<$HOME/.ssh/known_hosts)"}:#[0-9]*}%% *}%%,*} )
zstyle ':completion:*:hosts' hosts $hosts

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