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Intel "At next week's Intel developer forum, the firm is due to announce a next generation x86 processor core. The current speculation is this new core is going too be based on one of the existing Pentium M cores. I think it's going to be something completely different."
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Intel's focus and the speculation on how big of a shift this will be reminds me of the days when asynchronous processors were supposedly "the next big thing" Prcoessor timing takes a lot of the power and cuts down on the processors scaling in terms of what it can achieve for an x increase in hertz. I think it was Toshiba made a pager using asynchronous processors, and the articles back then spoke of a Pentium (1) that was modified and got roughly 3X the speed IIRC. It is extremeley difficult since they have to actually care about every wires length and have them be a lot more consistent

I doubt they will be going to asynchronous, but a CPU like Cell or like this article talks about, would make it easier then current processors to make the transition. IIRC Using asyncrhonous with the mindset of throwing more transistors at the problem would be a nightmare in scaling to faster design, but adding multiple cores shouldnt increase the complexity too much.

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