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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Mark Shuttleworth writes: "We are a somewhat chaotic crowd, the software libre army. Thousands of projects (hundreds of thousands, if you consider Sourceforge as a reference point). Hundreds of thousands of contributing developers from virtually every country and timezone. We are a very loosely coupled bunch. But sometimes I wish it were easier to keep track of changes and have a slightly clearer view of progress across that whole galaxy." Eugenia agrees.
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by Symgeosis on Thu 28th Dec 2006 20:03 UTC in reply to "RE"
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"KDE... So does Mark Shuttleworth"

He never said he preferred it, he stated that he was using it on his desktop. Such a move could be a simple gesture of showing that he is dedicated to making sure that Kubuntu is a quality distro that is suitable for everyday use. "Eating your own dog food" so to speak.

For reference see:

He may prefer it, then again he may not. Whether or not he does, lets not put words in Mr. Shuttleworth's mouth. I'm sure he would prefer it that way.

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by jtfolden on Thu 28th Dec 2006 20:09 in reply to "RE"
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Indeed, he has stated he uses Ubuntu (therefore GNOME) on his primary system - which happens to be a laptop.

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by archiesteel on Thu 28th Dec 2006 23:35 in reply to "RE"
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My bad, I thought he had switched to Kubuntu for his laptop.

In any case, to me Kubuntu *is* Ubuntu - if only because you can install Ubuntu and then install kubuntu-desktop on top of it. As I said, they are different flavors of the same distro.

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RE they are part of the problem
by arielb on Thu 28th Dec 2006 23:02 in reply to "RE"
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it's hard to take Shuttleworth seriously when they can't even agree on a standard desktop. What will it be, KDE or Gnome? QT or GTK+? Pick the best and stick with it so that developers will know what to code for.

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Windows Sucks Member since:

? What do you mean they cant agree on a standard desktop?

Ubuntu is Gnome. So where is the confusion?

Kubuntu, Xubuntu etc are sub distros for people who like those other desktops. But Ubuntu proper is Gnome.

Seems simple to me.

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archiesteel Member since:

I disagree. People should use the desktop they prefer. Choice is good, especially when apps made for one desktop work on the other. In any case, it seems to me developers *already* know what to code for. Are there any programs out there that are unreleased because the devs don't know which toolkit to pick?

I really don't understand this quaint notion that everybody should use the same thing...honestly, this is a false problem.

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