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Red Hat Red Hat plans to ship the next version of its premium Linux product on February 28, debuting major virtualization technology but missing an earlier deadline by about two months. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 had been scheduled to ship by the end of 2006. However, the company gave itself scheduling wiggle room in September, when Red Hat released the first RHEL 5 beta; a second beta arrived in November.
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RE[3]: screenshots of this beta
by unoengborg on Fri 29th Dec 2006 10:36 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: screenshots of this beta"
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True, RHEL5 will have a long lifespan, that makes it even more urgent to make use of the latest research in usability. There are too many pointy haired bosses out there that will judge even a server OS from its looks.

Besides, a server needs to be managed, and the people doing that would benefit from a better interface. You are right that, not testing things like the slab in Fedora poses a risk, but then again, who's fault is it that. Novell managed to include it in their distro long before FC6 was out.

As for the "slab" menu, we are talking about a Gnome applet, i.e. it is a very limited amount of code. It should be quite possible to test it in a relatively short time. If they can't do that, I would say that there are something seriously wrong with their testing procedures.

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