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Red Hat Red Hat plans to ship the next version of its premium Linux product on February 28, debuting major virtualization technology but missing an earlier deadline by about two months. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 had been scheduled to ship by the end of 2006. However, the company gave itself scheduling wiggle room in September, when Red Hat released the first RHEL 5 beta; a second beta arrived in November.
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Some truths to the above, especially:

That would be true only every program was used at the same frequency by all users. In reality most users only use a few programs on a daily basis. By having these on shortcut, lots and lots of mouse clicks are saved.

But the following is short sighted:

That 90% of potential Linux users have experience with windows is part of that reality, and whatever tests we do will be influenced by this.

From what I've read of Novell's usability testing, it seems that most of it is done on people in the USA or Europe (maybe all USA, I don't know for sure) who have experience with computers. But 90% of potential future linux users are probably in Africa, China, South America, South Asia, etc. In the next 20 years, school districts, community centers, hospitals, and offices in these countries will begin to adopt linux more and more.

Sure, maybe this is not where Novell's revenue will come from primarily, which is why they do testing in areas where they think they can sell licenses and support contracts. But don't think that new users to commercial linux and new users to linux in general are the same group of people.

I personally don't care whether Corporate USA wants to give their money to MS, Novell or IBM, but when it comes to public school systems in Bangladesh making decisions about software, I hope they choose freedom and free-as-in-beer products rather than giving money to MS.

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