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IBM Judging by details revealed in a chip conference agenda, the clock frequency race isn't over yet. IBM's Power6 processor will be able to exceed 5 gigahertz in a high-performance mode, and the second-generation Cell Broadband Engine processor from IBM, Sony and Toshiba will run at 6GHz, according to the program for the International Solid State Circuits Conference that begins February 11 in San Francisco.
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by hobgoblin on Sat 30th Dec 2006 01:07 UTC
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If they come out with a cell that can work alongside more conventional ram then what the ps3 use things may turn interesting. That and a port of the amiga os;)

Btw, anyone know the heat and watts of the cell? As in whats the potential for using the cell in a laptop or similar?

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RE: Ram?
by Flatland_Spider on Sat 30th Dec 2006 09:20 in reply to "Ram?"
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According to Wikipedia's Cell Entry: <a href=""&...

Voltage(V)/Frequency(GHz)/Power(W)/Die Temp(C)

IBM does use the Cell in blades, but I'm not sure how easily that would translate to a laptop though. How much and how obscure would it be is another question.

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RE[2]: Ram?
by rayiner on Sat 30th Dec 2006 18:13 in reply to "RE: Ram?"
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That's the power dissipation for an SPE, not a whole Cell chip ;)

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