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Intel "At next week's Intel developer forum, the firm is due to announce a next generation x86 processor core. The current speculation is this new core is going too be based on one of the existing Pentium M cores. I think it's going to be something completely different."
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by ecko on Thu 18th Aug 2005 20:55 UTC
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This would make a lot of sense. One of the reasons itanium failed was because of the lack of an upgrade path from x86. x86 performance was miserable on itanium. A transmetta like solution would very smart.

I just thought of something else. If the chip uses software to translate instructions, this could be a way apple locks commonidty hardware out of OS X. They could remove an important instruction or 2 from their ISA or even add one or two into the translation firmware.

It'll be interesting to see what intel does, the P4 really is a marvel of engineering(I'm an AMD guy too), it's just intel didn't see the brick wall they were heading into in terms of clock speed.

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