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Graphics, User Interfaces Since it's year end, I thought I'd post one more "fun piece" for everybody. After Thom posted an article on his customized KDE desktop, I thought it might be interesting to compare desktop screengrabs and see what other OSNews'ers desktops look like. Are you cluttered or clean? Are you minialist? What's your wallpaper? Upload a picture to an online service or your own website and show off your desktop. I'll start: Adam's desktop (312kb).
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SLED 10 here
by invisik on Sat 30th Dec 2006 18:28 UTC
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Running SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 here, with dual 20" Samsung monitors, so 3200x1200, split down the middle.

No, not much imagination here. I stay close to the defaults as my clients typically do the same. There also is a lack of 3200x1200 backgrounds out there.

I think these URL's are live.

The desktop

Typical apps open

Happy New Year all...


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RE: SLED 10 here
by gdi2k on Sat 30th Dec 2006 18:50 in reply to "SLED 10 here"
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How do you get your panels to span both screens? On mine (see a few comments up), I can only get them to span the main screen.

Got a pic of the actual screens, sounds like an awesome setup!

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RE[2]: SLED 10 here
by invisik on Sat 30th Dec 2006 19:53 in reply to "SLED 10 here"
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To be completely honest, I'm not totally sure what I'm doing that makes it span both.

My Sax2 config looks like the monitors are both in 1600x1200x16.7. I have Dual Head Mode check for Xinerama at 1600x1200. 3D acceleration is on.

In Screen Resolution in the Control Center, I have it set to 3200x1200--maybe that's the key for stretching the entire desktop across......

Would be happy to send any config files that might help you..... let me know.


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RE[3]: SLED 10 here
by invisik on Sat 30th Dec 2006 19:55 in reply to "SLED 10 here"
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Oh, BTW, Desktop Effects work fine across both monitors as well. Have the cube spanning, which is very cool!


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