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IBM IBM's Lotus Software division is taking a bigger bite of Apple's Mac OS X. The company on Dec. 28 formally rolled out the latest version of its Lotus messaging software package, dubbed Notes 7.0.2, which will include e-mail, calendar management tools and instant messaging that is specifically designed for Mac OS X users.
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RE: thoughts from an ex-IBMer
by bannor99 on Sun 31st Dec 2006 01:37 UTC in reply to "thoughts from an ex-IBMer"
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I'm working for IBM on contract, supporting a huge client that has probably the largest Windows domain in the world using MS Office to the max - 3rd party apps / plugins to Excel / Access. Sharepoint portals , Exchange / Outlook Web Access for 90,000 users in North/South America and Europe and I've learned to despise Office and Active Directory.
Trust me, remote access users on Office are no picnic either and Cached Exchange mode is so damned unreliable it makes me sick - MS has to improve the stability of large OST / PST files.
About the only problem we've seen with Notes in that time ( used by the entire support desk and a small number of the account's users ) is either a misconfiguration, slow performance client-side - usually fixable by deleting the Lotus cache file ( a .NDK ?) and the dreaded loss of the Notes ID file.
However, when a user is first set up for Notes, they are warned ( in our case, REQUIRED ) to have at least one external backup of their Notes .id file.
Outlook, OTOH, is responsible for 75% of our 750 - 1000
calls daily ( that doesn't include issues submitted over our Web ticketing system - I assume the percentage is similar but the number of issues is MUCH smaller).

I thing I must say is that I think the Notes interface blows goats - I find it very counter-intuitive. I've often thought that they couldn't have made it worse if they tried.
Also, opening a database blocks the entire client until the database either opens or returns an error.

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