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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Half of our readers are away in this holiday season, so traffic and news items are considerably down comparatively to normal weekdays. Why don't we have some Holiday Fun (TM) with a poll? Our friends at Slashdot put a poll up asking about your favorite sci-fi TV series, but they forgot two very important entries as their readers mentioned quickly afterwards: the most famous TV series of the '90s "The X-Files", and the already cult classic "Firefly". So we thought we recreate the same poll, but with these options in play, just so we see what our (mostly geek) readership likes the most. Even if we only have ~1/10 of Slashdot's traffic we can still have some fun with it!
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B5 and, er, Enterprise
by mwtomlinson on Sun 31st Dec 2006 13:49 UTC
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Okay, I voted Babylon 5. It pretty much had everything, ranging from high-tech gadgets/weapons to interesting characters (human and alien) to great writing to end-of-the-universe-as-we-know-it peril to (generally) good acting - plus, I was completely smitten with Susan Ivanova <g>.

I know I'm in the minority in really liking Enterprise (not a first-time situation for me, alas), but I did. I think the newness and sense of wonder (Hey! We're really IN SPACE!), along with a certain naivety was a large part of the appeal for me.

I agree, the last episode kinda sucked. But, other than that, I really did feel it was getting better from season to season. Standout episodes include "Carbon Creek" and "Cogenitor" from season 2, "Twilight" (possibly my favorite) from season 3 and "The Forge", "Awakening" and "Kir'Shara" from season 4.

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RE: B5 and, er, Enterprise
by sbergman27 on Sun 31st Dec 2006 18:38 in reply to "B5 and, er, Enterprise"
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I think the newness and sense of wonder (Hey! We're really IN SPACE!), along with a certain naivety was a large part of the appeal for me.

TOS will always be my favorite. But I'm with you on Enterprise. I particularly liked season one for the reason you state. Of course, "Gee whiz! We're here!" is not really sustainable season after season. I think they'd pretty well played that out by the end of season two.

Season three, or should I say "As The Galaxy Turns" ("All My Crewmen"? "General Sickbay"?) was odd but still entertaining. T'Pol's crack addiction was particularly humorous. Especially the scene where she (secretly) risks going into that decompressed cargo bay to get her fix, and accidentally disconnects her oxygen supply.

In season four, the show had really matured and they hit a stride that they could maintain.

The ensemble performance of the entire cast in "The Observer Effect" was particularly impressive.

Unfortunately, it was too late. They had lost too much ground with too many viewers. Which is a shame, because I think season 5 would have been fantastic.

Oh, well...

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