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PC-BSD Just in time for the new year, the PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PC-BSD version 1.3 for public download. You may download this release and view the change log. The team is also launching a web design contest for the new web site of 2007.
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2007 is going to be the year of PC-BSD
by Joe User on Sun 31st Dec 2006 20:45 UTC
Joe User
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Give it some more time before a lot of people really use PC-BSD. It's 10x better than Ubuntu or openSUSE. It's damn fast, and the pbi system to install software is a breeze. I love it, I hope PC-BSD gets more promotion among the opensource community.

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Clinton Member since:

Would you care to elaborate on the "10X better than Ubuntu" statement?

My experience with any BSD as a desktop is that it is several years behind Linux because of the commercial support that Linux enjoys.

For example, does PC-BSD provide an accelerated 3D desktop like Ubuntu does? Is the packaging system as easy and robust as Apt?

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korpenkraxar Member since:

I'm with you. PC-BSD looks promising, but one of the most refreshing aspects of GNU/Linux distro usage compared to MS Windows or Apple is the powerful package management. I will never again use a system which does not have a fully integrated package system, but forces me to scout around on the web to find the latest versions of apps. Can the pbi-infrastructure do a system-wide upgrade like "apt-get upgrade", or a database search like "apt-cache search XYZ"? If not, I'll pass, for now.

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rapont Member since:

Would you care to elaborate on the "10X better than Ubuntu" statement?

I quite like PC-BSD when I tried it, but I am an Ubuntu/openSUSE user (desktop/laptops respectively) - one thing that always put me off BSD was the people who use *BSD - they see anyone who uses Linux as an enemy who is just as bad as a Vista user. I think a more accurate statement would be that "BSD fanboi's are 10x worse than Linux ones" ;)

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nedvis Member since:

three screensnapshots from my latest PCBSD 1.3 installed on Duron 850 with 512 Mb ECC SDRAM.

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