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Gnome "I noticed some tiny disturbance in the force before Christmas as Thom Holwerda posted two articles about what he felt was the sorry state of free desktops. Seems most people in the GNOME camp simply ignored the article as irrelevant, but Aaron Segio of Trolltech and KDE let it somewhat get to him. Personally I felt Thom kinda pointed out some troublesome points, but that his context and conclusion was wrong."
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Gnome Doing Fine
by pfsams on Sun 31st Dec 2006 22:26 UTC
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Steady Improvement and stability is far better than earth shattering. At one time I disliked Gnome, now it seems to be my desktop of choice. There are things in KDE I like better, but it seems Gnome is the more user friendly desktop for my day to day use.Gnome and KDE both rely on a community of developers, yet they have eclipsed anything Microsoft and Apple have accomplished in any comparative time period. Don't scream at me about "how popular" Microsoft and Apple are, I'm talking about features and usability, you cannot top Gnome, KDE, or GNU/Linux.

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RE: Gnome Doing Fine
by rayiner on Sun 31st Dec 2006 22:49 in reply to "Gnome Doing Fine"
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I'll give you the time-span bit --- it's really incredible what GNOME has accomplished in the five-or-six years the 2.x series has been in development. However, from a features and usability point of view, Aqua is a bit ahead of GNOME. The OS X GUI is both more powerful and more complex than GNOME's, though it does a very good job of managing that complexity properly.

Going deeper, Aqua has the technological base that GNOME has always lacked. The modern iterations of Carbon*. GTK+'s API is an order of magnitude more sensible and well-designed (of course, it doesn't have 20 years of baggage to carry around), but in terms of features it really can't hold a candle to to Carbon + Quartz + Core*. This will be even more true in in Leopard. Composited layers, pixel-shader based special effects in widgets, resolution independence --- GTK+ is still a long way from competing with that.

*) Which have been refactored around the new HIToolbox APIs.

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RE[2]: Gnome Doing Fine
by pfsams on Sun 31st Dec 2006 23:37 in reply to "RE: Gnome Doing Fine"
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I can't debate technical(LOL)! I'm just an average PC user, under the hood I know just enough to be dangerous! All of my opinions are based on my personal experiance with Windows. My "Mac Friends" think I'm out of touch with reality by not using a Mac(I won't say fanatical, just very entusiastic about their OS). My comments are based on my limited knowledge, and I admit to limited knowledge about "under the hood." What I have enjoyed with KDE, Gnome, and GNU/Linux is rock solid stability(Debian Sarge, and now Etch), and things "just work," I haven't been able to say that about Windows. I will concede that many of the programs in a Windows enviroment is not all Microsoft software, such as RealPlayer, Quicktime, and so on, but I don't like having to put up with all the nagging and reminders that these and Microsoft programs pester you with upon login. Yea, I know you can disable it, but the GNU/Linux, Gnome/KDE desktops are far more user friendly to me. I still believe Gnome/KDE have eclipsed anything Microsoft and Apple have accomplished in the same time period, but in the interest of honesty, I will concede my lack of technical knowledge, or programming skills. My two cents worth

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RE[2]: Gnome Doing Fine
by re_re on Mon 1st Jan 2007 01:28 in reply to "RE: Gnome Doing Fine"
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I use OSX all the time because I do a fair amount of video editing with final cut studio and while I must say it is a very polished os and aqua is a very nice ui, I really prefer KDE to it and in recent months I also perfer Gnome. OSX has it's strengths, but but gnome and kde seem a little more user friendly to me. I must say this is slightly bias because I have used KDE almost exclusively for years and I am also a bit of a computer geek.

The thing is...... when in put Gnome or KDE in front of a long time Windows user they can figure it out, the same is not true for OSX.

I like OSX, but only because I can make it do what I want it to do via cli when it is necessary, and OSX took a long time for me to get used to after coming from a linux/bsd world and ultimately a windows world.

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