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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Half of our readers are away in this holiday season, so traffic and news items are considerably down comparatively to normal weekdays. Why don't we have some Holiday Fun (TM) with a poll? Our friends at Slashdot put a poll up asking about your favorite sci-fi TV series, but they forgot two very important entries as their readers mentioned quickly afterwards: the most famous TV series of the '90s "The X-Files", and the already cult classic "Firefly". So we thought we recreate the same poll, but with these options in play, just so we see what our (mostly geek) readership likes the most. Even if we only have ~1/10 of Slashdot's traffic we can still have some fun with it!
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Check out 'American Gothic'; it's well worth it if just for the graphics. No vampires or the usual garbarge. Just plain spooky. Be aware that some of the series were aired out of order but I LOVED the entire 1 season.

PS The kid in the show(Lucas Black) was the same one in 'SlingBlade' and was simply outstanding. And Gary Cole is certainly no slouch as the evil sheriff.

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This will be my last post on this subject. I originally followed this thread to get some ideas for shows I've missed. I've now added several shows to my queue at NetFlix (esp. Dr Who). Just came across this review of American Gothic after I last posted so I thought I'd share it. It comes from the Internet Movie Database site.

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Remarkably Good, 23 November 2003
Author: carflo from San Antonio, Tx

I stumbled on this series rather by accident. After half an episode, I was hooked. American Gothic was a dark, strange series with Gary Cole as the mysterious, probably evil Sheriff Buck who is trying to gain control of his illegitimate son Caleb, played by Lucas Black. I was impressed with Gary Cole's sinister sheriff and I was even more impressed with Lucas Black. Lucas Black's Caleb was able to stand up against Sheriff Buck, one of the most frightening characters ever created for a TV series. I have rarely seen a child actor with as much presence or talent as Lucas Black. If you were not lucky enough to see Lucas in American Gothic, see him in Slingblade.

It was a remarkable show with many ambiguities and mysteries that were never explained during it's short run.


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