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PC-BSD Just in time for the new year, the PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PC-BSD version 1.3 for public download. You may download this release and view the change log. The team is also launching a web design contest for the new web site of 2007.
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Would you care to elaborate on the "10X better than Ubuntu" statement?

I quite like PC-BSD when I tried it, but I am an Ubuntu/openSUSE user (desktop/laptops respectively) - one thing that always put me off BSD was the people who use *BSD - they see anyone who uses Linux as an enemy who is just as bad as a Vista user. I think a more accurate statement would be that "BSD fanboi's are 10x worse than Linux ones" ;)

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BSD users treat GNU/Linux users the same way that GNU/Linux folks treat Windows users. If, as a Linux user you are turned off by the treatment, maybe you should think about it...

they see anyone who uses Linux as an enemy who is just as bad as a Vista user

There is nothing inherently wrong with those who choose to use MS products (they are not somehow "bad"), but this sort of contemptuous comment turns a lot of folks off. I can't imagine that one's choice of an OS speaks much to their character.

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