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SkyOS Hell was already frozen anyway, but apparantly, the SkyOS team is trying to bring hell's temperature to absolute zero, since they are saying 2007 might see a release of SkyOS 5. "After what seems about 30 years worth of work (I'm sure even more to Robert), SkyOS will finally be released to the public. Lots of details are still being worked out on this one (as well as the obvious issues still present in the system), but we're really shooting to make it happen."
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Isn't it required to be opensource?
by Joe User on Tue 2nd Jan 2007 04:37 UTC
Joe User
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I see it uses much GPLed material (Bash, OpenGL, GAIM, KDE icons...) Doesn't the GPL require that any software that includes GPL software be also released as opensource?

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there you go:

and it's not including GPL software that requires to release the sources of everything else. It's linking GPL software to other software that requires such measures.

I suggest you read the GPL a little more carefully

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