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SkyOS Hell was already frozen anyway, but apparantly, the SkyOS team is trying to bring hell's temperature to absolute zero, since they are saying 2007 might see a release of SkyOS 5. "After what seems about 30 years worth of work (I'm sure even more to Robert), SkyOS will finally be released to the public. Lots of details are still being worked out on this one (as well as the obvious issues still present in the system), but we're really shooting to make it happen."
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RE[3]: Promising what?
by stestagg on Tue 2nd Jan 2007 12:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Promising what?"
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How the hell does the Pareto principle have any relevance here?

I would agree that the chance of a random person completing an Operating system of this complexity on his own is tiny, but Robert has shown amazing dedication to the project. If anyone can do it, then he can.

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RE[4]: Promising what?
by arielb on Tue 2nd Jan 2007 20:18 in reply to "RE[3]: Promising what?"
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Pareto implies that it's relatively easy to come up with new features. Most of the work is fixing all the bugs. All those tiny details. And since this is an OS and not some app that you can live without...bugs are critical. I'm sorry but I just can't take an OS seriously if it's only being worked on by one guy even if he's a super genius and never sleeps. And there's no guarantee it won't be dropped if something else happens in his life.

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RE[5]: Promising what?
by Kelly Rush on Wed 3rd Jan 2007 03:57 in reply to "RE[4]: Promising what?"
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There are no guarantees in life, period. However, if you avoid living your life due to that it really much of a life to begin with?

Additionally, if you look through the changelog, you'll see that Robert has fixed literally thousands of issues that our hundreds of testers have encountered and reported.

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