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SkyOS Hell was already frozen anyway, but apparantly, the SkyOS team is trying to bring hell's temperature to absolute zero, since they are saying 2007 might see a release of SkyOS 5. "After what seems about 30 years worth of work (I'm sure even more to Robert), SkyOS will finally be released to the public. Lots of details are still being worked out on this one (as well as the obvious issues still present in the system), but we're really shooting to make it happen."
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Kelly Rush
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How about this: I 70% promise that SkyOS will be released in 2007. Of course, I 30% promise you nothing! ;)

Seriously though, I can't say with absolute, 100% certainty that SkyOS will definitely, for sure be released this year. Ultimately, this will only happen if Robert is able to finalize everything. However, we have discussed it quite a bit, and I'm not going to go into all the details at this time, but the summary is:

- We want to release SkyOS before 2008 hits, and
- My best estimate says there is around a 70% chance of us making this happen

Obviously, that leaves some room for error, which leaves us room for the un-foreseen.

So bottom line, Thom phrased something one way, that may have been right or wrong, but he changed it. No harm, no foul. I'm not upset about it, so also taking into account that he changed it, let's go ahead and let this one go. Deal? ;)

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

I have not changed anything, actually.

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Kelly Rush Member since:

Oh, I was under the impression that you did. At any rate, I've already posted my version of how people should interpret what I wrote, so for anyone reading, just use that as gospel, rather than a headline post (which you should do anyway, no matter what the story is).

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