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SkyOS Hell was already frozen anyway, but apparantly, the SkyOS team is trying to bring hell's temperature to absolute zero, since they are saying 2007 might see a release of SkyOS 5. "After what seems about 30 years worth of work (I'm sure even more to Robert), SkyOS will finally be released to the public. Lots of details are still being worked out on this one (as well as the obvious issues still present in the system), but we're really shooting to make it happen."
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RE[8]: Promising what?
by Kelly Rush on Wed 3rd Jan 2007 05:55 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Promising what?"
Kelly Rush
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If you've made less than $300 USD working on SkyOS, then that should send you a message.

No, I *personally* have taken $300 from our coffers to put towards a system, and I haven't taken any more because I don't need any more. The money that we have made is much better served going towards Robert getting various hardware to test on, acquiring learning material to use to advance the capabilities of the system, etc. I was simply trying to address the fact that you implied that we are making money hand-over-fist with SkyOS at present, which is simply not the case.

You can draw whatever "message" you want. I prefer to look at the beta program as a resounding success, seeing as we have had over 1,000 people sign up for it. That proves to me just how interested people are in SkyOS, and it just makes me, Robert, and the rest of the team even more passionate about making a good, robust, and modern system for them to use.

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