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Linux "Today, you can do everything you want with a Linux desktop, except play the latest games. Even there, Linux is catching up. So, why do only a handful of people run Linux instead of Windows? Here are my top-four reasons why Windows wins and Linux loses."
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by grable on Thu 4th Jan 2007 22:02 UTC
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Why does Linux have to win at all?

Isnt it enough just being there as an alternative?

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RE: win?
by ma_d on Thu 4th Jan 2007 22:07 in reply to "win?"
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Yea but that's not as much fun. People who like something want to see it succeed and a lot of those people see popularity as success.

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RE: win?
by popey on Fri 5th Jan 2007 01:21 in reply to "win?"
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It doesn't necessarily have to win (if you are measuring by bums on seats or market share), but it does have to get a certain level before *some* people take it seriously. If BSD, Linux, OSX and Windows had a split 25% desktop I don't believe all games would only be available for DirectX. I also don't believe we would have the situation with ATI and NVidia being the way they are with their "intellectual property" (gah).

Ok, so reality check, we're not there, we're nowhere near there and chances are we never will be. Nothing wrong with striving for it though.

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RE: win?
by sorpigal on Fri 5th Jan 2007 22:31 in reply to "win?"
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Isnt it enough just being there as an alternative?

We must win because we can't afford to lose. Yes, it is enough for Linux to just exist. For now. The longer Linux is 'just an alternative' the easier it becomes for proprietary systems to solidify their hold and disrespect people.

Free software is morally sound, proprietary software is not. Proprietary software is totalitarian: if we don't win it takes over everything. Co-existance is fine by free software, but not possible long-term. We must win because we can't abide the alternative.

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