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Zeta MauriceK writes about security in the ZETA operating system. Apparently magnussoft, sole distributor of ZETA, makes security claims [on the German version] that with ZETA "it is not possible to examine a system from the outside without notifying the user due to the architecture of this software." MauriceK seems to think differently, and even gives examples on how code can be executed without the user's knowledge in ZETA. In related news, BeUnited is no more. Instant update: the discussion concerning security just made its appearance on the Haiku m-l.
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Easy people....
by Googol on Sat 6th Jan 2007 07:22 UTC
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I'll tell you what it is. It is this: In Germany, where Magnus is based, there are recent attempts by the authorities to push for legislation that would allow them to remotely investigate a user's PC without him realising. Now, I am sure that all you bunch got the coolest firewalls, BSD-boxes, bla-bla-bla.. that will never be cracked. However, this is not true for 99% of the population. So, any such tool for remote access will be geared towards stock Windows installations, in any event, they will not develop a version of the software for QNX, Plan9 and Zeta for the 5 remaining users that are out there.

In that light, with the current discussion going on, they probably "rightly" claim that the system is save by design with view to examining it from the outside. It is a mild regional marketing claim, so don't even jump on to it - it certainly hasn't got anything to do with security "features" (without having read the link - I don't have to read it where BeOS and security appears in the same sentence, as everybody here seems to agree).

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