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Intel "At next week's Intel developer forum, the firm is due to announce a next generation x86 processor core. The current speculation is this new core is going too be based on one of the existing Pentium M cores. I think it's going to be something completely different."
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RE[2]: not a snowball's
by nimble on Fri 19th Aug 2005 06:27 UTC in reply to "RE: not a snowball's"
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Exactly which apps do most people run that so need to run urgently on single threaded cpus. Yeh right, those damn irelevant benchmarks.

Almost every application I use (as an engineer) IDEs, Winamp, Video players, FireFox, Open Office, FPGA tools either is multithreaded or could or should be.

You might well be right there, but the fact of the matter is that benchmarks do matter (if "only" for marketing), that most applications are single-threaded, and that programmers don't like to use multi-threading unless absolutely necessary (e.g. for GUI responsiveness).

Therefore Intel would be committing commercial suicide if they went with the transputer concept while AMD is perfectly happy to provide the market with what it's used to.

And as Rayiner already pointed out, the hardware needed for extracting instruction-level parallelism through out-of-order execution is actually fairly small compared to the real bugbear: the large caches that make up for excruciatingly slow main memory.

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