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KDE "Ever wonder what KDE 4.0 is going to look like when it is finally released some time this year ? As far as end users should be concerned, it is going to be much more beautiful, responsive and usable than KDE 3.5. Some of the features that it will have are as follows." Note: I thought the Kickoff menu was a SUSE thing, instead of being a KDE 4.0 thing?
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Gnome to KDE ... on BSD
by dindin on Mon 8th Jan 2007 16:00 UTC
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After having been a Gnome user for more than 5 years KDE 4 might be the reason to move over. I am getting tiered of all the issues with Gnome on FreeBSD. So many dependencies and breaks .. not all Gnomes issue but is painful.

If people here use FreeBSD (not PC-BSD) and KDE, can you please share any experiences on that.

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RE: Gnome to KDE ... on BSD
by superstoned on Mon 8th Jan 2007 16:49 in reply to "Gnome to KDE ... on BSD"
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I don't use a BSD, but i know several KDE dev's are very committed to keep KDE running as good as it does currently on *BSD...

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RE: Gnome to KDE ... on BSD
by Carnevill on Mon 8th Jan 2007 17:05 in reply to "Gnome to KDE ... on BSD"
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KDE runs great on FreeBSD. The KDE developers have a better relationship with FreeBSD than the Gnome developers do.

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RE: Gnome to KDE ... on BSD
by aseigo on Mon 8th Jan 2007 22:20 in reply to "Gnome to KDE ... on BSD"
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i'll third the motion that kde works great on *bsd. we have people who build, test and develop kde4 on both freebsd and openbsd (perhaps others as well, but i know of people on those two platforms for sure). it's the same with kde3 as well.

in addition to kde developers, there are several desktop bsd projects which have kde at the heart of their focus. so we have good downstream interaction as well.

due to this, things in kde tend to work extremely well out of the box on *bsd.

similar relationships are building up around opensolaris (stefan teleman is a god in that respect), macos and even win32.

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