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KDE "In this weeks' edition of the Road to KDE 4, we'll take a look at the up and coming KWord 2.0 as part of the KOffice project. KWord 1.6.1 is already a powerful KDE-integrated word processor, but with KDE 4 technologies, KWord 2.0 promises to be among the most powerful free word processors available. Read on for more details."
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RE: Too bad
by OSGuy on Tue 9th Jan 2007 09:32 UTC in reply to "Too bad"
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I believe porting KDE to Windows is the biggest mistake the OpenSource community will do. People will never move to Linux/Unix. If KDE works on Windows 100% with point and click install and the OS works 100%, *why* would anyone switch to Linux for? The only thing I would port if it was up to me will be the browser and KOffice and that's about it. This will give newbies a bit of taste of KDE and what they can expect in Linux. This way, if they want to try KDE, the only way is by installing Linux and once they do, they may never want to go back to Windows. I don't think porting KDE to Windows is a good idea.

**Personal Opinion only** Feel free to disagree/agree.

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RE[2]: Too bad
by Havin_it on Tue 9th Jan 2007 13:50 in reply to "RE: Too bad"
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I've often heard this view, but I don't agree. The more killer FLOSS apps are made cross-platform, the better, and here's why I think that's so.

When such apps permeate the Windows XP-rience heavily enough that a Windows user's entire application stack can be made up of them, there's every likelihood that, by that stage, the user will have learned enough about the Movement that provided these apps, to be at least aware of Linux and its renowned advantages in security and stability.

So, when they consider migrating -- be it just a natural progression from using so much high-quality FLOSS software already, or a decision encouraged by another impending round of the Microsoft Tax -- they can rest assured that their workflow and recreational computer usage won't miss a beat. Migrating can be (nearly) as simple as backing-up your documents and popping in a distro CD.

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