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General Development Revolution is descended in spirit from Hypercard (HC). When Apple's support for HC withered, Scott Raney developed Metacard (MC), a near clone. Metacard was then bought by Revolution (RR), based in Scotland. Metacard was two quite distinct things: an engine, and an IDE. When Metacard was sold, the MC IDE became public domain. It still exists, is volunteer maintained, and it can be used with the latest RR engine. Some on the RR user mailing list prefer the much simpler MC IDE to the RR IDE, at least for initial project development. Other IDEs are possible, and there is a third party (non-free) IDE called Galaxy.
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Or Asymmetrix ToolBook
by Edoc on Tue 9th Jan 2007 18:20 UTC
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Also was a commecial product in this category, mainly in the pre-web, multimedia CBT authoring days. The stack metaphor was less pronounced, but it was there.

I've always found metaphors-- in the form of cards, psuedo-objects, or pages (web pages)-- to be very useful for beginners. I question whether the web would have taken off if the "page" hadn't been the foundational unit.

I've been curious about Revolution for a few years, but I've been reluctant to dive in. I don't particularly relish learning the nuances and special workarounds required by these types of tools. Perhaps Revolution script is more standard than the other hypertalk/card/script languages.

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RE: Or Asymmetrix ToolBook
by DeadFishMan on Tue 9th Jan 2007 18:51 in reply to "Or Asymmetrix ToolBook"
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Oh man... I canīt believe that I forgot to mention ToolBook. Most of those CBT authoring applications were indeed based or at least inspired by ToolBook. It set the standard for them.

Is it still around? Oh, the memories... ;P

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RE[2]: Or Asymmetrix ToolBook
by soapdog on Tue 9th Jan 2007 18:56 in reply to "RE: Or Asymmetrix ToolBook"
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there are toolbook converts in the Revolution community, I met some of them during our conference in Monterey called RevCon West, they were very excited about rev...

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