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Apple At the MacWorld conference in San Francisco, After the usual words of praise about the iPod+iTunes and the smoothness of the transition to Intel, Apple announced several new products. Surprisingly, nothing was said about new Macs or Leopard. The keynote speech started at 17:00 GMT. Read on for the details.
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Just horrible
by ronaldst on Tue 9th Jan 2007 19:14 UTC
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And I am not talking about "innovating like crazy over 200 patents in it." LOL

Is that it? Everything that is there has been done a million time. There is nothing revolutionary nor evolutionary at all.

XBox360 has the AppleTV beat by a longshot: No IPTV.

I guess they found a place for the Sherlock app.

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RE: Just horrible
by Bobe on Tue 9th Jan 2007 19:25 in reply to "Just horrible"
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I haven't seen the iPhone yet, but if it is anywhere near the quality of the 80G iPod I just got for Christmas, then I'm going to buy one as soon as possible.

I'm a big fan of OGG files over MP3 for several technical and ethical reasons. I have owned several MP3 players in the past (some of which supported OGG as well as some that didn't), and none of them come close to the iPod. I'm spending time ripping things anew in MP3 format just to play them on the iPod. It is that good, I think.

So, Apple may not have come up with some new, never before done gadget, but they certainly raise the bar when they do come out with something that "everybody has done before".

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RE[2]: Just horrible
by Beta on Tue 9th Jan 2007 19:46 in reply to "RE: Just horrible"
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It can't have been a strong ethical decision for you to use Oggs, since you folded and started using MP3s again just because you wanted that cool music player.
(You haven't tried replacing the firmware with anything else?)

I can admit most Ogg-featuring players need work, Samsung has a very good range btw, but principals are principals.

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RE[2]: Just horrible
by AdamW on Tue 9th Jan 2007 20:17 in reply to "RE: Just horrible"
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The rockbox firmware for iPods can play Vorbis files. Didn't try very hard, did you?

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RE: Just horrible
by Mellin on Wed 10th Jan 2007 01:02 in reply to "Just horrible"
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sony sold 3 times more PS2s than Microsoft sold xbox 360s in sweden this christmas ;)

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