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Apple Apple today announced the long awaited iPhone, a device that I predicted about years 1.5 ago that it would happen (I won't forget how a fellow editor from a Mac site emailed me to say that I am crazy after reading my blog back then). But the iPhone is real, and it's public information now. So based on the little we know about the device so far, let's see how it stacks up against its smartphone competition.
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I often send short SMS with one hand without looking at the phone, sometimes even while driving. My thumb knows where the letters are ;)

And, going to text message composition on my oldish nokia is "menu->down->menu->menu->menu". I can do it in less than a second.

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They are going for 1% markett share. I'm sure not 99,5% of people type in messages as they drive.

Abou the price: Mobile phones are like watches. You can buy a watch for half a dollar. And it will tell you the hour.

But people spends hundreds of dollars for having a "quality" watch.

It tells you exactly the same hour, but, men, that's a Rolex!!

Mobile phones are just the same, because they tell about you the same as your shoes, your shirt or your hair.

So being expensive is not going to be a problem.

Finally, anyway, I think nokia's 770 device is sligthly a better idea, even when they didn't push the best they have yet.

That is: you have a mobile phone in your pocket, really wereable, and you most times you have a nokia 770 in your suit. You don't have to carry your 770 around to call. But if you want to, you can use its build-in microphone and it acts as a bluetooth speaker to your mobile phone.

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